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Hospital Prasrimahabhodi Hospital is a 600- bed Department of Mental Health . Located at 212 Road to close Ratchathani province with an area of 390 acres 98 square meters , was founded in 2489 by Prof. light rain glass things , which at that time held the position of Director of the mental hospital. And Lieutenant Colonel NIT Faculty Wisit , who served as Director General of the Medical Department at the time. Considers that the East has a vast territory . 1 in 3 of the country's population , but also the lack of mental health services . It has taken up the construction of a mental hospital . And opened the first psychiatric hospital patients on Tuesday, July 15, 2490 called " Hospital Chit northeastern Ubon Ratchathani " under the mental hospital. ( Later changed to the Division of Mental Health) Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Health. see all

Prasrimahabhodi Psychiatric Hospital services

Diagnosis and treatment of general psychiatric disorders, mental retardation, delayed development child and also who problem has forensic psychiatry and drug addicted. Open to service every day except official holidays. Furthermore, we have several specialized clinics which are :

  1. Relaxation clinic, opens every Monday to Friday from 9.00am12.00am.
  2. Counseling clinic, opens every Monday to Friday from 8.30am16.30pm.
  3. Stop smoking clinic, opens only Monday from 8.30am16.30pm.
  4. Child development clinic, open only Tuesday from 8.30am16.30pm.
  5. Child and adolescentpsychiatry clinic, open only Tuesday and Wednesday from 8.30am-12.00am.
  6. Rak Jai Clinic, opens only Thursday and Friday from 8.30am16.30pm.

If you would like to consult by phone please contact us at 1323. We are available 24 hours a day.

1.1 Depression Prevention Program; MDD surveillance for Mental Health ASEAN Training,
Dr.Thoranin Kongsuk
1.2 The supporting documents of the SDDP for United Nations Public Service Awards
1.3 The Surveillance System of Depressive Disorders at Provincial level received
hailand Public Service Awards
1.4 There are five channels for reporting results of the SDDP.
1.5 Access rate of health services of depressed patients in the fiscal year of 2013


Prasrimahabhodi Psychiatric Hospital

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